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(( Side-by-side comparisons of these. :) ))

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No lie… This is my ship right here.

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*: ・゚✧tropical/indie*: ・゚✧
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1902: Face-book The latest novelty for wiling the time in a country house is known as a “Face-book.” Everyone who comes to stay has to draw a face in the album, however badly, and sign his name underneath. The result is very amusing, and the worst drawings frequently cause the greatest entertainment.  (via Retronaut)
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happy munday

Well… FUCK.. then.
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I just love their fandom nicknames…

I got bored…don’t ever let me get bored…

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Anonymous asked: hey, are you from the seychelles?

SEYCHELLES! Yes~ Born and raised Anon~

Anonymous asked: Any near death experiences in or out of the ocean?

Yeah actually… I’d… I… Next question please~